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Skeleton Man

You dropped hints all year. A milestone birthday came and went, and the cake was pretty good. Your anniversary yielded warm memories that in all likelihood will probably last another year. Then the big one rolls around, Christmas. The day dawns with the promise of just the right sized box and a sideways, knowing smile…

Aitch, E, Double Hockey Sticks

Reanimating from a blunt force trauma black out while being emerged in total darkness is a whole new experience in the realm of uncertain consciousness. Being awake is as real as the depth of your imagination, or in my case, the depth of the well. Trapped is trapped, whether down here, or in a plastic…

Well Wishes

He’s back, he’s back! God I wish you could hear me. Look at me, look at my head. Hey, hey! He’ll kill you! I ducked into the unused closet and quietly closed the door.

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