The Ole Marconi

Hearken back with me for a moment to days long before yesterday. Think about an olde timey radio wrapped in warm wood with humming tube transistors that filled the room with the wafting scent of electric ozone. Most of us never knew those days. Most of us never gathered around the radio with our families to listen to The Shadow, Little Orphan Annie, or The Jack Benny Program. Alas, radio shows have gone the way of the Dodo along with so many other outdated ways and means.

Your phone or tablet in essence is a modern representation of those same olde timey radios. They are your conduit to news and information, your gateway to the world and your primary means of entertainment. At the same time they can be as personal and fragile as the pages of a book.

Rudbeckia is a platform for a weekly series of multiple short stories, the modern equivalent of old radio shows. You will become primarily familiar with Philippine Maximine P.I. who through just a few degrees of separation will interact with the same eclectic cast of characters destined to be adorned together in a yet to be released mysteriously thrilling novel.

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